Maya Gallery

Maya Gallery was founded in 2012 by husband and wife Jeffrey Wandly and Masturah Sha'ari, both design professionals and artists, with a shared passion in the arts. What started as a conversation had sparked a dream of owning a reputable art gallery that would bring together artists, collectors, educators and enthusiasts in dialogue and appreciation of high quality works of art by established artists and young talents.

Initially started with less than 10 local names, Maya Gallery has since exhibited more than 70 Singapore and international artists, and held more than 10 exhibitions, including solo shows and collaborations with galleries in Bali and Shanghai. It has also participated in art fairs in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Upholding a social responsibility, the gallery engages with the community by offering art programs for schools, corporations and individuals.

Holding true to its name, Maya, which means the enrichment of the soul.
Maya Gallery's professional expertise and consultancy, covers art, music and design. The gallery is a member of the Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS).

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