Closing Bid: S$ 850.00

OPEN DATE: 10 May 2014, 10:00am
CLOSING DATE: 27 June 2014, 8:30pm

About the Artwork

Rosihan Dahim's style of painting is alluring. He applies a philosophy that transforms his perception, which seemingly enters into a threshold of dreams. The elements of play within his mind characterises a metaphysical and visual dramatization of the subject. His work depicts a state of awareness while observing beyond his sub-conscious and leads to an exploration through historical avenues. A witty spin on the highly competitive retail industry, Dahim's Büffel entitled Fascination is an Art Deco surreal example of two characters in a distinctly European theatrical and provocative world of fashion, dramatized in a "royal" stage play.

Bidding Information

OPEN DATE: 10 MAY 2014

Closing Bid: S$ 850.00

About the Artist

Born and brought up in Singapore, Rosihan Dahim was captivated by stories of World War I and II after Singapore's Independence in 1965, recounted by his Indonesian father who fought alongside the British Navy during the Japanese occupation of Singapore. During the 1970's Dahim generated an interest in art and was greatly influenced by the Surrealist and Dadaist Movements. Whilst studying at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts from 1977-8, he explored psychoanalysis and the metaphysical in painting, and after leaving the Academy in 1979 he introduced his Matchstick painting series in his first solo show at the National Museum Art Gallery in 1980. The creations of Dahim?s art and influences are derived from his personal experiences combined with his readings of the French and Spanish Revolution, an extension from Dadaism and the Surrealists' manifesto of the 1920's.

An award-winning surrealist artist, Dahim won second prize in the Ocean Artist of the Year Award 2010, and he received Honourable Mention in 1995 and 1996 at the Philip Morris Art Award. A prolific painter who has frequently and regularly participated in numerous exhibitions since the 1970's, he recently exhibited this year in a solo show at the Fullerton Hotel One Mind One Theory. Group exhibitions include Encore at Maya Gallery in 2013, Elephant Parade Singapore at the Botanical Gardens in 2012 and Charity 2012 at the Red Dot Design Museum.