Closing Bid: S$ 2,000.00

OPEN DATE: 10 May 2014, 10:00am
CLOSING DATE: 27 June 2014, 8:30pm

About the Artwork

The materials used to create Ren Zi's Büffel are aerosol paint, digital print on paper, gold leaf, zinc bolts and acrylic - all of which are typical of the artist's arsenal of artistic materials. Highly individual and uniquely constructed, the artist has created a Büffel with complex thought and intellectual influences interweaved in a single sculptural concept. Entitled Golden Boy (cut down to size), this is a fragment of the representation of Golden Boy. It is a hybrid of several cultural references, and is open to varying interpretations, according to the artist. "Those recalling the golden calf from Exodus 32 may perceive a statement on the idolatry of false gods; those who may refer to Arturo di Modica's Charging Bull would place it in the context of the continuing financial turbulence; those pointing out its similarity to Damien Hirst's formaldehyde cows could regard it as an unabashed appropriation from one of contemporary art's masters of appropriation. Whichever angle one approaches the work, it nonetheless stands as a cautionary tale of the hubris accompanying blind faith, be it in religion, money, or even art itself".

Bidding Information

OPEN DATE: 10 MAY 2014

Closing Bid: S$ 2,000.00

About the Artist

Singaporean artist Ren Zi studied psychology at university, and then worked as a commercial writer for advertising agencies until a life event made him take a leap of faith and return to his original calling to become an artist. The fundamentals of Ren Zi's works are based on the role memory plays in our sense of identity and the world. Far from nostalgic, his psychic landscapes (or psi-scapes, as he calls them) are open-ended stories. They juxtapose scenes and figures from personal memory, history and mythology with an invitation to weave the viewer's own narrative.

Ren Zi's works are intentionally multi-layered, ambiguous & narratively malleable, dependant on the viewer's personal experiences. An autodidact, his practice spans video, digital art & mixed media objects. 2013 saw his first solo show funded through the internet website "kickstarter", participation with Jada Art Gallery for Affordable Art Fair Singapore, as well as The Art of Shopping, a charity auction for Art Outreach.