Closing Bid: S$ 1,000.00

OPEN DATE: 10 May 2014, 10:00am
CLOSING DATE: 27 June 2014, 8:30pm

About the Artwork

Entitled Life's simple pleasures Melchor Daffon Bernaldo has ingeniously rendered a scene of village life in what looks rather like a traditional etching carved into the Büffel figurine in a three- dimensional, almost theatrical style. Represented with clever perspective from three viewpoints to depict an authentic tale of realism, the image of the bull re-appears on the physical bull, this time for a different purpose - to provide food and sustenance for the family. Coming from the Philippines the artist keenly includes features that are representative of his country, such as the nipa hut that provides home and shelter for people. Bernaldo's mission with much of his work is to remind the viewer that in some parts of the world, life exists like this, where simplicity and ruralisation holds a valid place in the world and where true happiness derives.

Bidding Information

OPEN DATE: 10 MAY 2014

Closing Bid: S$ 1,000.00

About the Artist

Melchor Daffon Bernaldo was born in 1968 and comes from San Jose del Monte Bulacan in the Philippines. His father was a carpenter and his brother experimented in painting -both of whom were influential in kick-starting Bernaldo's career and encouraging him to paint. Believing in his own capabilities, he decided to take it a step beyond and develop it into a full-time career. Bernaldo has participated in many exhibitions and received several awards in the Philippines, such as 1st prize in the 2012 Eco Art Painting Competition (Professional Category), Bulacan State University (BSU), SM Baliwag City; and he was a finalist at the 2012 On the spot painting contest, Art Association of the Phil. (AAP), The Commission of Social Communications of the Diocese of Malolos (COSC), Malolos Cathedral. His work appears in the publication Great Themes in Philippine Art, "MOTHER and CHILD" by Manuel Duldulao 2011

Growing up and living in the small provinces in the countryside, the artist witnesses typical scenes of everyday life that are central to the work he creates. Interestingly, he opts to paint using a sepia overtone that inherently captures the rusticity of the land. Mother and child in the backyard, tending to the land, conducting daily chores, children playing in the village, feeding farmyard animals: these are scenes that are not routinely regarded by city dwellers who are living in today's modern concrete jungle.