Closing Bid: S$ 1,000.00

OPEN DATE: 10 May 2014, 10:00am
CLOSING DATE: 27 June 2014, 8:30pm

About the Artwork

Arnica Arcantilado has created a Büffel that portrays her views on the critical role nature has with mankind. To gently caution the viewer of the erosion of the natural world, her Büffel entitled Hello Mother Earth is a theme that is important to the artist as she regards how fragile the relationship is between Man and Nature, and how profound and irreparable the impact can be. Yet enough is not being done to protect and preserve the environment for the next generation, and Arcantilado feels it is essential that more emphasis be placed on love and respect for the natural landscape we live in. "I am an artist because I want to express my emotions, observations, and thoughts through art" insists Arcantilado, who also wants to "contribute good art to the Philippines' Art Scene and to inspire other young artists, even if it is a small way that I can contribute to our society".

Bidding Information

OPEN DATE: 10 MAY 2014

Closing Bid: S$ 1,000.00

About the Artist

Arnica Arcantilado was born and raised in the Philippines and attended The Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Santa Mesa in Manila. Although she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Arcantilado always painted as a hobby ever since she was young. With the encouragement of friends and family, she worked hard to improve her painting skills and started entering art competitions, spurred on by the will to achieve and contribute to the art scene in the Philippines.

Arcantilado began to receive awards and recognition for her work, whereupon she realised that she could paint professionally for a living. A significant award for her was in 2006 when Arcantilado was the Finalist for the Shell 39th National Student Art Competition and was awarded for being Outstanding student in the field of Visual Arts. In 2007 she won 2nd place for the Eyebank Foundation Painting Competition and in 2008 she was the Grand Prize winner for the PLDT-DPC Telephone Directory Cover, 22nd Visual Art National Competition.

More recently Arcantilado received 2nd Honourable Mention in the annual art competition held by The Art Association of The Philippines (AAP) and was a Finalist for the Painting Category of the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE). Since 2008 Arcantilado continues to regularly exhibit her work in various group shows in both the Philippines and Singapore, including the Affordable Art Fair 2013 with Jada Art Gallery.